The Founder & Owner

The Owner & Founder

Henrik Larsson is my name and I am the owner and founder of Valkyria Distillery AB.

The distillery was called Sankta Annas Bränneri when it first started in 2011 and me and my colleague became the first absithe distillers in Swedish history. I was 27 years old when they started and today solely owns the distilley 5 years later at the age of 32. I love my work and I would say you can tell by the high quality of the products!

Besides destilling spirits I am an avid runner, like training and electronic music. 

Me and a group of friends have started to make an adventure every midsummer, the fist year we did this was 2014.

We climbed Swedens highest mounten, Kenbnekaise.

In 2015 we went to Norway and climbed Trolltunga which was absolutly fantastic!

Let's se where 2016 takes us!

As most people I love to travel and have seen many beautiful places around the world, Las Vegas, Cyprus, Egypt to mention a few. And I hope to be able to visit many more places in the future.

Take care and hope you try my products and fall in love whit them as much as I have!


Henrik Lasson, CEO & Founder

Kebnekaise 2014 (2100 meters above sea level)

Trolltunga  2015 (1100 meters above sea level)

Valkyria Distillery AB