Lectures and Tastings

If you want to learn more about absinthe you can book a tasting that can be held in Mockfjärd, you group can here  visited the small distillery and see how the spirits are made. During a tasting we talk a little about distillation techniques, herbs and differences between producing vodka for example and absinthe. Then we go about 150 meters from the distillery to a nearby tavern called "Heakrogen" to eat and try the different products you and your group have an interest in tasting. (This is chosen in advance)

We offer tastings with food and drink for groups and parties of between 12 and 60 people. Here we arrange dinner, everything from simple dishes and dinners but we can also organize large dinners for up to 3 courses. In the glasses we have products from the distillery, such as absinthe, liqueurs and schnapps, depending on what is desired, also alcohol-free options are available. We arrange it to suit you and your group to get the best possible experience.

During the tasting Henrik Larsson, CEO & founder will tell the fun tale about how the company got started as well as the history that absinthe have had since it was first produced. We also sort out what is truth and what is myth when it comes to absinthe, thujone, alcohol and manufacturing.

You can also book a lecturer and tasting to your group at another location!

Do you have a whiskey / rum / beer group that is interested in expanding your knowledge to the other spirit categories such as liqueurs and anise liquor (absinthe),  I would be happy to hold a lecture and tastings for you at your club.

Examples of tasting packages and prices in PDF below (In Swedish):

*Tasting package: Absinthe

*Tasting package: Absinthe, liqueurs & schnapps

*Lecture about Absinthe & the history of the distillery

(Can be tailored to suit your group)

OBS: All PDF-files are in Swedish and with Swedish prices

Mockfjärd at Heakrogen

Tasting at Heakrogen

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