Wolf Absinthe

Howl at the night sky

Wolf Absinthe 66,6%

Wolf Absinthe (Order no at Systembolaget: 30014)

Is an absinthe that should be a must have in the liquor cabinet to bring out at any party and  for every genuine heavy metal fan! Wolf Absinthe is a specially developed absinthe in collaboration with the heavy metal band Wolf, The absinthe is naturally distilled by the traditional method and contains only natural herbs and spices. This absinthe has a darker, deeper and slightly more herbal flavor than Valkyria Absinthe but the same beautiful green color!

The Wolf Absinthe that contains an heavy metal alc. 66.6% vol. and has the Wolf logo with a metal foil frame around it as the label on the bottle. This is a product that we have enjoyed live in the radio studio whit the morning show Bandit Rock and been featured in the tabloid Aftonbladet hardrock. Wolf Absinthe is of course also usually found backstage when Wolf is playing their music around the world! Visit www.wolf.nu for more about the band!

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