Valkyria Midvinterblot

Ambre Absinthe

Valkyria Midvinterblot

Valkyria Midvinterblot (Order no at Systembolaget: 86192)

The sequel to our first distillate Valkyria Absinthe.

Midvinterblot first produced for Christmas 2012 in a "limited edition" of about 500 bottles and was available only as a winter product, the same thing occurred in 2013. Midvinterblot is an absinthe, but a very untraditional and revolutionary type of absinthe called "Amber absinthe". Ambre refers to the color that has Midvinterblot has, and it has a deep warm taste that also made the judges in the spirit competition "The Absinthe Masters" fall in love whit it and award it with a "Master"  in the unusual category "Ambre Absinthe".

The color that is amber and more look like rum or whiskey than one absinthe is not the only thing that separates Midviterblot from traditional absinthe, but also the way in which it is to be enjoyed. Midvinterblot can be enjoyed as a powerful shot for spicy foods or avec undiluted after a meal as an alternative to whiskey, brandy or rum.  

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