Valkyria Absinthe

The Original Swedish

Valkyria Absinthe 68%

Valkyria Absinthe (Order no at Systembolaget: 30790)

Our first distillate and flagship, a genuine absinthe with a fantastic deep taste of anise, wormwood, star anise, fennel and a number of other lovely herbs. With its beautiful green color that, of course, is all natural from plant chlorophyll. This has been one reason that Valkyria Absinthe has received top scores in both Swedish and international competitions!

Valkyria Absinthe is Sweden's first genuine distilled absinthe ever and therefore bears the name "The Original Swedish Absinthe Valkyria", this is a quality product that we are extremely proud of!

With its alc. 68% by vol. Valkyria absinthe should be diluted with water before you drink it, the classic way is between 3-5 cl of ice cold water for each cl of Valkyria Absinthe. There are of course many fantastic drinks and cocktails that can be made with Valkyria as well.

Valkyria Absinthe has been praised from beverage experts not only in Sweden, as 5 of 5 Dagens Nyheter by Alf Tumble (5 October 2013), 5 out of  5 in Expressen by Jens Dolk (15 Augusti 2012), and praised as one of the world's premier absinthe Edward Blom in his video about Absinthe Butter  on Youtube. Valkyria also won international competitions, such as the big competition "The Absinthe Masters" in 2013, Valkyria was awarded a Master which is the highest honor the contest awards! (See Awards)

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