Welcome to Valkyria Distillery AB


Valkyria Distillery AB is a small distillery in Dalarna, Sweden.

Best known for being the first Swedish destiller of absinthe, ever.

The product Valkyria Absinthe was launched in December 2011 at the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget.


Valkyria Absinthe has won a number of awards in Sweden and Internationally.


Today Valkyria Distillery also produce liqueurs, different types of absinthes and schnapps. You can buy them all at Systembolaget. For International orders you can buy our products at Absinthes.com


Valkyria Distillery can also make small batch spirits and liqueurs according to your wishes if you want your own brand!

I can help you from flavor development, production, packing and all the way to the shelf at Systembolaget.


Valkyria Distillery AB is certified by Kiwa to produce organic spirits and liqueurs.


Everything is handmade in small batches for the best possible quality





Valkyria Distillery AB

E-mail: Valkyria.absinthe@gmail.com