Valkyria Distillery

Coctails, shots and drinks

A good coctail makes all the difference

It's usually very important how you mix and prepare your drinks before you serve them.

Just like with food presetation is a big part of a good drink, so having the right glass, ice and accessories.

But that's what bartenders and people interested in mixology can build on and spice up the recipes below,

here I want to show you some simple and delicious ways to get the best out of Valkyria Distillerys amazing


The Original Swedish

Valkyria Absinthe 68%

The Oak Aged

Valkyria Absinthe

Howl at the night sky

Wolf Absinthe 66,6%

Hand signed commemorative edition

Wolf Chili Red Absinthe 66,6%

Ambre Absinthe

Valkyria Midvinterblot

Bog Myrtle

Yggdrasil Porsbrännvin

Bog Myrtle & Mint

Valkyria Kurbits

Apple & Cinnamon Liqueur

Valkyria Ratatosk

Valkyria Distillery AB