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Valkyria Distillery can help you make your own brand of spirits! Organic spritits, liqueurs or absinthes.

Today Valkyria makes Absinthe for the metal band Wolf and Gin for Runa Vodka

Valkyria Distillery

Is cerified by Kiwa to produce organic spirits, and can make them for you!

Valkyria Distillery can also make small batch spirits and liqueurs  according to your wishes if you want your own brand!

I can help you from flavor development, production, packing and all the way to the shelf at Systembolaget.

Runa Gin 6 by Scandinavia

Is the latest product produced for Runa Vodka by

Valkyria Distillery.

A great tasting gin distilled in the hart of Dalarna by a

dubble master awarded distiller.

Intressed in your own brand or product?

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