Organically Certified



Valkyria Distillery is certified to produce organic spirits by Kiwa. Today all spirits are made with ecological alcohol, and as many herbs as possible are organically grown in every product! Our liqueur are 100% organic!

Organically certified

Valkyria Distillery AB is cerified by Kiwa to produce organic spirits.

To make pure sprits that taste fantatic and also is good for the environment is important, not only for the consumer but also for future generations. So we do what we can!

Valkyria Distillery do NOT use any artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or things along those lines.

Every color is made from herbs and there is no added preservatives, so the color will change over time, just as things change in nature. This is a good thing!

We try to get as much of our herbs and fruit organically grown from Sweden as possible!

Valkyria Distillery AB